ZEO Ludens
We are improving fashion business in various cultures,
by attracting global brands in Korea and advancing the national brand in to overseas.
An honest effort that we put even on unrevealed part is fundamental foundation of us,
the creative brand; MAG&LOGAN with tradition.
MAG&LOGAN makes a change with harmony between the Korean tradition and modern design.
MAG&LOGAN makes a flexible European atelier that is changing
in various ways to fit into the rapidly changing fashion industry.
MAG&LOGAN with ZEO Ludens
Zeo Ludens is expanding into a variety of field through collaboration and partnership with MAG&LOGAN,
the famous top brand that actresses love.
we also provide a private space for the SVIP and celebrities
in the showroom that we are running in Nonhyungdong, Gangnam-gu.
We are here as your partner, trying to be more beloved brand
and let the world know the MAG&LOGAN’s authenticity known as the high quality and creative design.