Ludens Creative
Ludens Creative is a content creation group.
Homo ludens
Ludens Creative means enjoying entertainment and pursuing new fun.
Ludens Creative will play hard to create contents that you see and listen this with trust.
Ludens Creative will be a company that enjoy in Korea with special Ludens style!  
Ludens Creative will create the world more interesting with the content that moves the world.
Ludens Creative creates
that moves the mind.
influences to the world.
Ludens style pursued by Ludens Creative
1. fun
2. unique
3. first
4. want to see once more
5. want to see again and again
Ludens Creative Business
planning and producing of advertisement
planning and producing of performance and exhibition
planning and producing of web content
planning and producing of music content
icon Please look forward to Ludens Creative's first project.
The content business area of Ludens Creative is extensive, including dramas, movies, entertainment, commercials, performances,
music and management.
Ludens Creative will stand out in each field with different ideas and fresh and interesting planning powers.
Dreaming alone is a delusion, but dream together becomes reality.
Ludens Creative will create an interesting world together each expert instead of playing alone.
‘Let's do it together!
A writer application
We are open to everyone and ready to be with you.
We look forward to the novel works of passionate and talented writers.
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